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Hiking from the campsite

Our campsite is ideally located for hiking. Our mountains are accessible to everyone, young and old. Thus, you can go to the Grande Cascade, nearby, and discover a magnificent view of the valley of the Haute Dordogne, or continue to the summit of Puy de l'Angle, paragliding flight site. Better yet, you will be able to reach the highest point of the Auvergne, the Puy de Sancy, by catching the GR4 at the Col de La Croix Saint Robert (Crest Road). You can also plan hikes for the day, for example go to Puy de Sancy and come back on the other side, or join the Col de la Croix Morand and return by the way of the cascades. The bravest can explore the valley Chaudefour and go to meet the chamoix and other marmots ..

Hiking from the campsite



Nearby, other must-see hikes

Randonnée dans la Vallée de Chaudefour
Randonnée sur le plateau du Guéry
Randonnée Chastreix Sancy

Hiker's Charter

"Many of you like to hike on the Puy-de-Dôme trails. So that your pleasure remains intact, that others can share it with you,

a few simple rules must be observed:
    Respect private properties by carefully closing the barriers.
    Be careful not to scare the grazing animals.
    Do not be tempted by shortcuts to the risk of damaging the vegetation and causing premature erosion of the place.
    Admire the fauna and flora of sensitive spaces but do not succumb to the temptation to pick flowers or plants.
    Be careful to leave traces of your passage. Take your garbage to the next bin.
    If you take your dog with you, do not forget his leash. It could inadvertently cause damage or be a victim of accident.
    Inform yourself before departure of the weather conditions and hunting periods.
    For your safety, always take a bottle of water with you, a hat, and put on shoes that are suitable for walking. "

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