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We never get bored in Auvergne! You will always have something to do. Athletes more or less experienced will be able to indulge in many outdoor practices. Nature lovers will be conquered by the fauna and flora of Auvergne. The most curious will have the opportunity to cultivate himself by visiting the many ancient monuments located on our territory, as well as museums that tell our heritage. And for the most greedy, the local gastronomy will salivate the taste buds!

Visits / Discoveries

Bathing lakes

  • Chambon, Aydat, Servières

Fishing lakes

  • Guéry and Pavin

Natural reserves

  • Chaudefour Valley (alpine fauna and flora), The Sagnes de la Godivelle, ...


  • Chaine des Puys (Puy de Dome, Puy de Côme, Puy de la Vache, Puy de Lassolas, Puy de Pariou, ...), and of course the Massif du Sancy. Also to discover Vulcania, science exploration park, located 45 minutes.


  • Castles of Murol, Cordès, Ravel, ...

  • Romanesque basilicas of Orcival, Saint Nectaire, Saint Saturnin, ...


  • Toinette and Julien, mineralxpo, museum of the mine, the school, the stone, the cheese, Michelin Adventure, ...

Local craftsmen

  • Stonemasons, enamellers on lava, glass artists, potters, clog makers, ...


  • Auvergne soup, truffles, truffled potatoes, pounty, cheese (Saint Nectaire, Bleu d'Auvergne, Cantal, ...)

Saint Nectaire educational park, Chèvrerie des Mont-Dores

Arts and nature

  • Ephemeral artwork Horizon nature


  • Funicular, cable car, ...


Sports and leisure activities

Climbing / Tree

  • Mont-Dore Adventures, Saint-Nectaire Adventures, Capucin Climbing Site, Dent de la Rancune, Rooster Crest, Roches Tuilière and Sanadoire, ...

Paragliders / Hot Air Balloon

  • Paragliding baptism Puy de Dome site, Puy de l'Angle site for amateurs, hot air balloon rides Chambon sur Lac, ...


  • 530 km marked by the French Cycling Federation with 49 circuits of all levels spread throughout the Massif


  • Zipline Super-Besse, ...

La Bourboule water park, Les Hermines water park, Chambon sur Lac leisure center, ...


  • 9 marked trails at Mont-Dore, Trail du Sancy, Foulée des 2 rocks, ...

Leisure park

  • Fenestre park at the Bourboule, ...


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